• World wine reputation – Today, Calvet is the #1 Bordeaux Brand in the world, sold in over 100 countries
  • History – CALVET was created in 1818 by Calvet Family. It is the oldest Bordeaux brand.
  • Tradition – CALVET has been built through the travel of its founder who transmitted all his knowledge from generation to generation
  • Winemaker – Top winemaker for Bordeaux region for 13 years: Benjamin TUEUX. His long experience for CALVET insures good quality products year after year
  • Products – Calvet range covers all major French appellations with a strong focus on Bordeaux famous appellations
  • Symbol – The eagle of CALVET is the signature of the House: majestic, fearless, unafraid to chars his own path to success
  • Marketing – Strong marketing support to local partners through media, public relaters, events and point of sales materials