Piedmont DOC.


by Ting • October 23, 2019
TENUTA CARRETTA Bevicisu ORIGIN Appellation: Piemont DOC Grape Variety: 100% Barbera TASTING NOTES It is brilliant purple and has a very fruity bouquet; in the mouth, it perfectly unites the classic style of Piedmontese tradition with easy drinkability. Smooth, refreshing, and with great acidity, it is a balanced, refined wine with excellent structure. PARING It [...]


by Ting • September 28, 2019
RIALTO MOSCATO Dolce ORIGIN APPELLATION: Piedmont DOC. GRAPE VARIETY:Moscato TASTING NOTES Color: bright straw yellow color with golden shades Nose: bouquet of mountain flowers, of sage, of rosemary with mature fruit finish Palate: sweet and aromatic, with a moderate alcohol content SERVING It is perfect with desserts. Serving temperature in goblet at 5-7℃. Residual Sugar [...]


by Ting • September 28, 2019
RIALTO ROSE Dolce ORIGIN APPELLATION: Piedmont DOC. GRAPE VARIETY:95% Moscato, 5% Brachetto TASTING NOTES Color: Pink Nose: Bouquet intense and fruity with geranium and acacia flowers aromas. Palate: On the palate, it’s sweet, rightly fresh with brushwood fruits (blueberry and raspberry) flavors. SERVING A classical dessert sparkling wine to be served cool (5-7 ℃) in [...]