Morande Adventure “aterciopelado”

APPELLATION: Melozal, Un-irrigated inland zone in the Maule Valley.
Grape Variety: 80% País ,20% Malbec

30% of the bunches were left whole and the remainder were destemmed and inspected on a selection table. The entire fermentation process took place in a cement egg with native yeasts. The must was pumped over in the beginning to encourage extraction, and it was then left to ferment with just the movements that take place naturally due to the egg’s ovoid shape. The result is a unique and special wine with tremendous color, delicious fruit, and great body, freshness, and elegance. Aging was short, first in an egg and then in old barrels for three months. The wine was bottled unfiltered to conserve the initial characteristics of the wine and the grapes.

Attractive bright ruby red colour with red fruits, cherries, and plums ,and notes of herbs and nuts. It has tremendous acidity complemented by potent tannins and a velvety finish. Very seductive.

13.5% abv(Actual alcohol level reference wine label)

10° – 12°C